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About Us

We are an independent company run by my partner and myself supplying lasers and all surveying equipment and sundries to the construction industry throughout the UK.

Our specialty is our "Cone Laser" which gives a constant gradient through a 360° plane as opposed to grade lasers (which only gives gradient in one or two planes at any time) or flat plane lasers (level only).

Cone lasers can be specified to most gradients, 1:50 (2%) being the most commonly used specifically in landfill cell construction, other grades can be supplied upon request although a two to three week window is required to build and calibrate the equipment if not on the shelf.

There are numerous advantages to using "Cone Lasers", engineer time/input is greatly reduced, no pegs and profiles to erect and re-erect after plant operators have demolished them time and again, material costs (timber) are also greatly reduced. Accuracy is improved along with time saving from no "boning in"; therefore safety is also improved with fewer men walking the site. In clay liners there are no potential weak spots where pegs have traditionally been knocked in.

From initial setting up (at the sump point) all excavation to formation/sub-formation can be regulated using the "Cone Laser", depth of layer control is made easy by adjusting the receiver on the hand held staff or machine staff, again engineers time greatly reduced.

"Cone Lasers" work equally well with machine control systems, the advantages of being able to work on a 360° plane, instead of moving around single or dual grade lasers so restricting the working area to a small section is obvious, plant operators are less restricted therefore more productive.

If you are interested in "Cone Lasers" or any other survey equipment/sundries for sale or hire please ring us on 07919 530123 (Andy) or email us using our enquiry form.

Cone Lasers are hire only items.

Overnight delivery available.

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