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TOPCON RC2-II Laser Communications Station | Total Station - 2035

£2035.00 plus delivery & VAT

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 Product code: TOP/RC2II

Topcon RC2-II Laser Communications Station

The RC-2 II provides remote control of the auto tracking total station. It consists of two parts, RC-2H the smart handle unit, and RC-2R the remote control unit.

The RC-2H replaces the instruments standard carrying handle and includes 4 laser sensors, one on each quadrant of the handle. The RC-2R control unit is carried by the surveyor with the prism pole or can be mounted on the side or the top of the pole.

The RC-2R can be connected to the field controller with a standard instrument cable to establish communication between the controller and the instrument.

The RC-2R has the following features:

  • Fast Find of total station tracking beam (typically less than 10 seconds).
  • Small, compact size. Light weight (300g).
  • Mount on top of prism or side of prism pole.
  • Operating range of at least 250m.
  • Weather proof IPX5.
  • Operating time 30 Hours.

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